isthisoneword: once I did a shit on a train
isthisoneword: and it wouldn't flush
isthisoneword: just one massive log
isthisoneword: it just lolled from side to side
Karoliina: holy hell!
Karoliina: that's pro
isthisoneword: when I flushed
isthisoneword: yeah
isthisoneword: had to break a turd up once too
isthisoneword: at L---'s
isthisoneword: cos you can't leave a massive unflushable shit at your girlfriend's house
Karoliina: with your hands?
isthisoneword: it just ain't done
isthisoneword: one of those q-tip things
Karoliina: ha
Karoliina: that seems difficult
isthisoneword: well I didn't have a pencil
isthisoneword: and I think she'd be suspicious if I went to ask her for a pencil
isthisoneword: then returned to the toilet
Karoliina: is that the preferred method?
isthisoneword: of course
isthisoneword: the pen is mightier than the sword
isthisoneword: at breaking shits